Sonitrol of Western New York, a leading commercial security company in Buffalo and Rochester, reached out to Birchway for guidance in the digital space. Founded in 1976, Sonitrol WNY has made great advances in the security industry and were now looking to utilize the best digital practices to maximize their online presence.

Sonitrol WNY needed an updated website that would serve as the hub for all of their online resources as well as an e-commerce store for selling HID fobs and cards. In addition, search engine optimization, monitoring all web traffic, and social media analytics would play a crucial role in their continued online success.

An updated website and an active online presence would not only strengthen existing customer relationships, but also increase brand awareness and attract new customers.


This was the first time Sonitrol WNY had explored the option of implementing a stronger online presence. Prior to this, they had little to no updates being made on their website and social media channels. This also meant there was no previous online data available for analysis when implementing a new online strategy. All online data recording tools needed to be set up in order to provide insight for future online strategy adjustments.

Customer Portal (hover on picture to pause)


To achieve Sonitrol WNY’s online goals, we developed a new, comprehensive website that serves as the hub for all of Sonitrol WNY’s content and customer resources. This includes a customer center where users can schedule updates and inspections, request service, access the new e-commerce store, update account and billing information, view tutorials about their security systems, and more. In addition to the website redesign and development, we collaborated with 3xLOGIC and created custom landing pages for all new products which are used as product promotion online, as well as sales tools for the Sonitrol WNY sales team. These landing-pages show off the product in a more interactive way than PDFs, and they provide a form at the bottom of the page to collect customer information.  In order to drive traffic to the new website and resource pages, Sonitrol WNY has an ongoing focus on SEO and a social media strategy that is designed to educate customers on the Sonitrol difference and the importance of verified alarms.

Successfully maintaining this online strategy is just as important as the initial implementation; because of this, we monitor all website and social media analytics and provide advanced monthly reports outlining areas of opportunity and potential growth moving forward. Continuously monitoring this data allows us to invent new digital solutions that play a key role in Sonitrol WNY’s online business development.


  • Website Design and Development
  • Customer Portal Development
  • E-Commerce Store Development
  • Product Landing Pages
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Ongoing Website Maintenance
  • Social Media Management
  • Monitoring of Website analytics.
  • Monitoring of Social media analytics.
  • Monthly Reports

E-Commerce Store (hover on picture to pause)


Through their partnership with Birchway, Sonitrol WNY’s website now educates new and existing customers of products and services as they are announced. Customers can now use the customer center to schedule updates and inspections, request service, access the new e-commerce store, update account and billing information, view tutorials about their security systems, and more.

Sonitrol WNY has seen strong, consistent growth online. WNY’s most popular keywords used to land them on the 6th page of a Google search. They are now on the first page of Google for over 74 security related keywords and counting. SEO has led to a 5x increase in website traffic in the first 6 months.





Sonitrol WNY’s visibility on search engines compared to 4 local competitors.

An active social media presence has also played a key role in WNY’s online success. Social media accounts for 12-15% of WNY’s website traffic, all while educating the customer on security and what sets Sonitrol apart.



Since working with Sonitrol of Western New York, Birchway has also partnered with Sonitrol of Florida, Sonitrol of the Triangle, Sonitrol of Sacramento, Sonitrol of Orange County, Sonitrol of Silicon Valley, and Sonitrol of Utah.